Rudbeckia fulgida 'Goldsturm'

(Black-eyed Susan)



3   (-40°F/-40°C)


Full sun

Foliage Height

24"     (61 cm)


24"     (61 cm)

 Flower Height

30"     (76 cm)

 Flower Colour

Bright, golden-yellow daisies with brown centres

 Bloom Time

July - October

 Watering Needs

Moderate. Tolerates moderate drought, but prefers to be well watered

 Soil Preferences

Prefers average to moist, well-drained soil types

Plant Care Tips

Black-eyed Susan thrives in relatively dry, sunny locations.  It also takes heat and humidity quite well.  Even in less than ideal growing conditions (e.g. clay soil and partial shade), the plant produces gorgeously large, deep green leaves and quite a number of flowers, though it may be leggier.  This plant spreads slowly and will fill in a bed very nicely.  It also self-sows, but you can easily remove any unwanted seedlings.  While you can remove the seedheads in early fall, deadheading isn’t necessary:  the black seedheads look spectacular and are a source of food for birds in winter.  If planted in a wet, part-shade location, slugs, earwigs and leaf spot may be problems.