Viola 'Angel™ Amber Kiss'

(Angel™ Amber Kiss Viola)



4     (-30°F/-34°C)


Full sun to partial shade

Foliage Height

4"     (10 cm)


8"     (20 cm)

 Flower Height

6 "     (15 cm)

 Flower Colour

Rust-orange flowers have yellow faces veined with velvety black

 Bloom Time

April - July

 Watering Needs


 Soil Preferences

Prefers normal, sandy or clay soil types  

Plant Care Tips

Violas, small relatives of Pansies, are short-lived perennials.  Many north-western gardeners tend to grow them as annuals, as not all hybrids are as heat and cold tolerant as they need to be in the lower hardiness zones.  Violas are wonderfully easy to grow; choosing from the plethora of colours available is part of the delight of replanting each year.  They are popular at any time of the year, but many people love to plant them either in early spring or fall, when the cheery little flowers brighten up an otherwise dull landscape.  Once they start blooming, you can prolong the season by deadheading them regularly.  Violas do well in average soil.  Though they prefer lots of sunshine, they will do well in part shade, too; the plant may, however, be leggier.  Water the plants well, but allow the soil to dry slightly before watering again.