Viola cornuta 'Penny Deep Blue'

(Penny Deep Blue)



4     (-30°F/-34°C)


Full sun to partial shade  

Foliage Height

4"     (10 cm)


10"    (25 cm)

 Flower Height

6"      (15 cm)

 Flower Colour

Small flowers have dark blue, heart-shaped petals radiating from a yellow-gold centre; black splotch on bottom petal

 Bloom Time

March - October

 Watering Needs

Moderate, average watering needs

 Soil Preferences

Prefers rich, well-drained soil types

Plant Care Tips

Colourful and striking, the many varieties of Sedum (taller varieties are now also known as "Hylotelephium") are wonderful accents and contrast plants in your garden.  They require very little care.  Give them average to poor, well-drained soil and they'll grow.  You don't need to water them very often because their succulent leaves store water.  They do have a tendency to get leggy if they are faced with either extreme heat or a lack of sun.  Older clumps of Sedum tend to split in the middle.  Divide them every 3 - 4 years in the spring to minimize this.  You can also pinch the stems back half-way in the early summer to get a bushier, less split-prone plant.  Don't cut back the plant in the fall; the seedheads offer wonderful winter interest and the seeds attract birds.  Instead, cut back the plant in spring before the new growth appears.